Magnum Tonic - Test Booster

Magnum Tonic - Test Booster

Magnum Tonic™ offers the very best value for a natural testosterone support supplement.

Using only the most advanced, innovative Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients, Magnum Tonic™ will increase your free-flowing testosterone in a matter of days.

Magnum Tonic™ is an excellent choice for a natural Testosterone supplement because:

• It has a potent supply of 4 of the top natural testosterone-boosting ingredients available
• It is the most affordable and truly the best value for testosterone therapy
• It has 900mg per capsule
• It includes Vitex berry, which is only found in the “higher-priced” test. products
• You will be harder and tighter very quickly
• You will not inhibit or disrupt your natural testosterone production
• Every ingredient is Pharmaceutical Grade
• There are no side-effects

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